The Escape Room

About us

Sure you have watched plenty of movies, but have you ever been INSIDE the movies?
100 years ago, the Rozentheater was Amsterdam’s first movie palace with 1000 seats, a large balcony and a state of the art movie projector. Your journey will take you into the original operator’s booth to start the projector and enter the movies!
“It is too complicated to explain here, but let me just say that movies are real, and they need to be kept separate from this world!” – M
Travel through the movies, find the one and save mankind!

The mission takes 75 minutes and everybody reaches the thrilling finale. For the competitive groups, points are awarded and you can compare yourself to everybody before you. With a team drink afterwards (not included), the entire experience takes two hours. The story begins 30 minutes before mission time in the café (also at the Rozentheater). Work together on the warm up challenges to limber you up mentally and prepare for the mission. Ask the bartender for the envelope when you arrive. Once you are ready, you’ll be guided to the first floor and into the projection booth, where your journey begins.









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