Build your own escape room


Boom Chicago are the most creative escape room and adventure builders in the Netherlands. With in-house project management, story, design, decor, actors, props, music, video, tech, hardware, and software development, we can deliver world class experiences efficiently and professionally.

See for yourself! Escape Through the Movies, the most innovative escape room in Amsterdam is now taking bookings at Amsterdam’s Rozentheater. Their earlier Escape Through Time was an international destination and was sold to operators in Uden near Den Bosch. In Alphen aan den Rijn, they co-created The Egyptian Tomb, one of the most technically advanced and high quality escape rooms in the country. New projects in Schagen and Amsterdam open in 2018.

In addition to public games, Boom Chicago are leaders in corporate escape rooms, team adventures, innovative story telling, and brand activation. Since March, Boom Chicago built and runs an escape room in KPMG’s headquarters in Amstelveen. Boom Chicago’s current projects are a themed experience for a health group in Rotterdam and an luxury island adventure for a resort in the Maldives.